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HON Olson Series

Check out the Hon Olson family of stack chairs, when a good looking, affordable solution is needed.  Chose from several frame styles and price points. Built-in hand hold is perfect for easy movement and wall saver design allows for chair clearance when placed against baseboards to protect walls.

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HON SmartLink Seating

The modern classroom is constantly evolving. Research shows that today’s students are learning together, working in groups and interacting with peers. Teachers are even joining in, rather than instructing from their desk or the front of the room. This makes movement a critical aspect of learning. It stimulates thinking and allows for greater interaction with others. SmartLink seating uses a responsive, contoured design to support the way students move, allowing them to turn around, sit sideways, lean back, and stay comfortable and focused for longer periods of time.

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HON Voi Desking

The people who work for your organization have a unified purpose. Shouldn’t their desks have a unified look? Voi desking from The HON Company not only offers desks and storage solutions for every application—private offices, semi-private offices, open plan, benching, and more—it also presents an integrated design for the entire workplace. Designed to meet the needs of any user, Voi’s layered worksurfaces, practical storage components, versatile materials, and compact footprints can be personalized to achieve!

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