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HON Flagship Storage

Complementing Hon’s vast product offering, Flagship is the perfect companion. Flagship provides a complete line of lateral files, pedestals, storage cabinets, bookcases, and many others. Offered in a variety of finishes. Don’t pay their inflated prices until you see what Hon has to offer!

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When people put their heads together, good things happen. Whether it involves two people discussing a new project or 20 people setting a strategic direction, collaboration generates the ideas that keep business moving forward. The effective workplace provides people with meeting spaces that support collaboration at all levels. From a table for two or a table for thirty, Preside may be the answer to your meeting room needs.

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Comfort is experienced, not perceived. An office chair layered in bulky padding may look comfortable, but it also looks… well… bulky. Technology has helped make everything slimmer, trimmer, and more streamlined—from TVs to mobile phones. Nucleus brings the same sophisticated, high-tech aesthetic to office seating without sacrificing comfort.

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