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HON Ignition 2.0

It all began with a spark. An idea that personalized comfort can energize a workforce. The idea caught on, and Ignition quickly became one of the best selling chairs in history, creating the perfect fit for a wider variety of people, spaces and work styles. As work evolves, Ignition responds with enhancements that fit today’s work and workers. The latest addition to the Ignition stable is here. Ignition 2.0 has arrived!

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HON Perch

There’s a brilliant new way to work that has everyone on the edge of their seat. The basyx by HON Perch is an active seating solution that keeps you energized and productive all day, whether in the seated or standing height position. The pivoting base tilts forward to bring you closer to your work, while maintaining a healthy posture. Tilt forward for greater focus. Lean back to relax. Swivel side-to-side for conversations. Bring a wider range of motion to a greater variety of spaces with the basyx by HON Perch.

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HON 101 Series


Whether you’re setting up a home office or amping up your business, the 101 Series helps you create space a certain way. You know…your way. Professional. Stylish. And ready for what’s next. 101’s curated selection includes the most popular elements and layouts to support today’s ever changing workplace demands. Choose the one that fits you best, and get back to work faster than ever. With 101, you get everything you need, without all the homework.

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