HON Voi Desking


Voi, The HON Company’s light scale desk launched in 2011, has been reimagined to meet the needs of today’s office. The styling is sleek and refined, reflecting a lighter scale. And, as horizontal work surface planes are combined or layered with storage in a variety of configurations, it creates a look that is fresh, simple and dynamic. While Voi provides an integrated design throughout a workplace, unifying a variety of spaces with consistent style, it attractively fits into an array of décors, whether conventional or contemporary.

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HON Accelerate


Accelerate’s clean, modern design encourages productivity and a streamlined workflow throughout the entire office. Designed to accommodate multiple configurations through a single solution, Accelerate provides design flexibility throughout each area of your space.  It’s wide selection of design features, including 120° and 72” panels, frameless glass, stacking panels and swinging doors, means it’s able to adapt to any user’s needs. And with countless fabric options, the possibilities to make your workstation your own are endless. The last word – affordable.

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HON Empower

Need a simple way to get up and running fast? No problem. Looking to expand and
customize workstations for a growing business? Empower does that, too. With Empower
benching, you’ve got the power to do more. Offer more personal space. Enjoy more
adaptability. Route power more efficiently. It’s simple to order, easy to install and quick
to reconfigure. When you Empower your people, you keep pace with the changing
demands of today’s small business. Available Mid-July 2017

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