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HON Smart Link Desks

With the innovative shape of the SmartLink™ Student Desks, you can create dynamic classroom environments. Every class can be tailored to fit the lesson plan whether the need is for individual, student/group collaboration or teacher centered layouts. Part of a complete system, they easily accommodate any learning style, teaching activity, and both left- and right-handers. It’s a fresh idea that allows you to build student involvement and a greater exchange of ideas in any learning environment.

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HON SmartLink Seating

The modern classroom is constantly evolving. Research shows that today’s students are learning together, working in groups and interacting with peers. Teachers are even joining in, rather than instructing from their desk or the front of the room. This makes movement a critical aspect of learning. It stimulates thinking and allows for greater interaction with others. SmartLink seating uses a responsive, contoured design to support the way students move, allowing them to turn around, sit sideways, lean back, and stay comfortable and focused for longer periods of time.

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Hon SmartLink Modular Storage

With SmartLink™ Modular Storage, one mobile unit holds everything a classroom needs and adjusts as organizational needs change. And, like all SmartLink components, it has the same attractive design for a coordinated classroom. We began with the knowledge that today’s learning materials come in endless shapes and sizes. Then Hon went to work. Part of a complete system, SmartLink modular storage from HON easily arranges—and rearranges—to meet the requirements of various teachers, students, grade levels, and courses. The only storage solution you will ever need, it takes the bother out of getting organized so you can create the smartest learning environment yet.

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